Pleno M5.1 Massage Gun-Handheld Deep Tissue Therapy Massager

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Pleno 30 days money back guarantee and one year warranty

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Professional Deep Muscle Massager: Pleno M5.1 Powerful Handheld Tissue Massager Gun, Cordless Muscle Stimulation Vibration Device, Pain Relief Percussive Therapy

Buy 1 PLENO M5.1, get 1 Waterproof Carrying Case.


It comes well after a while of descents, relaxes the arms and legs very well.

Pleno Massager @marceloguvi

I use to get my muscles activated for training sessions. I use it to help relax my muscles after hard training sessions and for recovery. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND, and it is QUIETER THAN MOST EXPENSIVE BRANDS OUT THERE.

Pleno Massager @donaldscott_ll-1

Newest Noise Reduction Technology

Pleno M 5.1 professional deep tissue massager has 24V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission that brings a high power and low noise experience. You can use Pleno at home, gym, office.

Lightweight Design And Fine Grip

Lighter weight: 2.2Lbs. Silicone handle is better grip, and prevent slips and falls from hand. Easy for women using.

4 Hrs Battery Life

24V 2500mAh Large Capacity Power Li-ion Battery, 3 hrs charging time from 0 to 100%. Independent power management system: Intelligent charging and discharging to extend battery life.

Four Massage Heads

Pleno M5.1 offers four customised massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage. The handheld designed and four tips attachments allow you to reach every muscle, every trigger point, scar tissue, back, neck, foot, leg, knot, thigh, hip, arm. Instant relief and shorten recovery time.

3-Speed Shift DESIGN

3-speed shift design of Pleno M 5.1 deep muscle massager meets a variety of massage needs. 30-40-54 percussions per second.


★ Lifetime Warranty on Tips.

Pleno handheld massage gun offers a one-year warranty due to malfunctions caused by quality problems. The body massage tool is portable, cordless, powerful percussion therapy.



This device is designed for muscle relaxation. Choose different frequency according to personal preference.

Touch the body before opening. Use light pressure and slow movement. The recommended speed is one inch/second.


Packing list:

One set of massager

✔ 24V Adaptor

Four massager tips

Instruction manual

One Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

Muy bueno

Good stuff

Quiet and as advertised great buy

Muscle massager coreless handheld

This is a wonderful product. It helped me with my muscle soreness. The variety of the head attachments are very helpful. I really like that it's cordless and easy to use. I go to the gym at least five times a week and it has one my body out and this is helping me.

This massage gun is an overall great product.

Intelitopia is a great hand held massager. I found it easy to use and very effective in treating muscle tightness and soreness.The multiple attachments make it easy to go from working on broad, large areas like the quads or para-spinal muscles to small isolated spots in the shoulder. The attachments easily swap out but are also secure when placed into the unit.This massage gun is an overall great product.

Durable deep tissue massager that works as described!

This deep-tissue massager is the real deal. It comes with 4 attachments and has three speeds so that you can customize the massage based on your needs. It is sturdy and well-made and comes in a nice box for storage when not in use. The instructions are easy to understand and the charging is simple. I bought it for neck stiffness & tennis elbow and the lowest setting was enough to loosen the muscles in my neck and arm. I am happy with my purchase.

Fairly Quiet and Powerful Relief

Purchased this massager as a replacement for a different brand of vibration massager, it was an earlier one built from what seems like a jigsaw body. Anyways, the videos looked good and the claim of a quieter yet strong massager peaked my interest, it was also cheaper by a few hundred dollars, so I decided to try it.This massager is great! Much quieter than my other brand, feels sturdy, portable, rechargeable and comes with 4 different massage attachment heads; a foam ball, a flat circle, two pronged attachment for the spine and neck and one that is more direct for deep tissue, reminds me of a thumb. Each one has their own purpose and targets different kind of muscle groups. Also comes with a charger. Pretty straight forward.The charger came pre-charged so there was no waiting needed to try it out. Easy to figure out; a power button on the bottom of the handle which illuminates the rear in a nice blue, and another button on the rear to start the massager. It has three power/speed settings that in combination with the attachments can be used for different muscle groups. Very easy to manage.This massager is great for recovery from working out, a long day at work or even just standing all day. It aids in recovery and promotes blood circulation as well as removing knots. Overall this massager is highly recommended.


Powerful. Effective. After three weeks of constant daily use it has developed a slight rattle noise but it still works and it's not loud.

Finally some relief!

I lift weights about 4 days a week. I am a little older now and recovery generally takes a bit longer. My shoulders...OMG. So tight all the time. When I ordered this, my left shoulder was so tight that I was only able to bench about 50% of my normal workout load because of the sharp pain. Within 2 weeks I was pain free and am back pushing my normal bench. My wife gets really tight traps and I try to massage them, but my hands get tired before she gets relief. This really helps that! Everyone in my house has enjoyed using this and we just leave it out in the den.The feel of it is hefty, well balanced and high quality. It is quiet. I can watch TV while using with no issues.The initial charge lasted 2 weeks before needing charged. The back lights are a battery level indicator. If you don't have the power switch on, it will not charge.Pictures and video to come!

Using for stretch and pain relief at the Gym

At my gym we are always on the market for new tools and gadgets to improved our service and offerings. We always wanted to professional portable massager that our members can check out and use. We finally made the investment and picked up a few of these to service 100-150 people we get on a daily basis.We were only gotten positive feedback from the people that used it. We are currently only using one attachment to make things easy and so far everything has held up as it should. The battery seems to last the whole day with the multiple users and applications and we charge these overnight. Intelitopia offers a one year warranty that we will sure to test out.


Why did I wait so long! This product really works and is perfect for after workouts or muscle soreness/ pain. Highly recommend