Is PLENO massager ok to let older people use?

There is no problem when it comes to age. Just make sure that the percussion massager settings are right and comfortable. This is not a gentle massager, deep means it hurts, but in a good way. Like Shiatsu, it could bring tears to your eyes. It definitely relieve the most stubborn of knots. Hope this helps.

David T Allan: I guess it depends on your definition of "older". I am 52, and use it on a regular basis. If I was in my 70's, I expect I would still use it, but likely with less pressure against the muscles...

What’s the warranty of pleno massage gun?

Answer: The warranty covers only device-related issues for 1 year. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, however.

Do You have recommended body parts for the massage heads?

Answer: Each massage head is designed for different purposes. 1) Flat head for anywhere, 2) Bullet head for pressure points and deeper muscles, 3) Fork head for spinal area, and 4) round head for larger muscles like the back and shoulders.

 So one can use PLENO on their own and get their back and neck and shoulders?

One customer's answer: As a massage therapist, I would not use this on your neck, the percussive motion has too much force. I would worry about vertebrae movement in the neck. You can get the upper shoulder, mid scapula is tricky, it bounces along the bone, but I just got this so maybe it will be easier the more I use it. Low to mid back is fairly easy to get to.

 Can I purchase attachments of PLENO only?

Yes! PLENO sold attachments separately on our website. You can contact us via email support@plenomassager.com

What kind of plug comes with?

PLENO massagef gun's plug is 110-240 V and is compatible internationally. If you order from our international partners, it will include the correct charger for your country.

Can PLENO massager be put into checked in luggage on flight?

PLENO can ONLY be taken in your carry-on because of the lithium ion battery. It cannot be checked into your luggage because of an increased fire risk that exists for spare batteries.