✱Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun-Handheld Deep Tissue Therapy Massager

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Professional Deep Muscle Massager: Pleno M5.0 Powerful Handheld Tissue Massager Gun, Cordless Muscle Stimulation Vibration Device, Pain Relief Percussive Therapy

Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun


The PLENO deep tissue massager increases lymphatic flow and reduces lactic acid. It helps relieve muscle fatigue, soreness, spasms, and stiffness.


The scientifically proven vibration frequency of the PLENO deep muscle massager increases blood flow and significantly shortens muscle recovery time.


PLENO M5.0 can adjust different frequencies. Combining frequency, amplitude, and torque Pleno deep kneading massager gives you a new and satisfying relaxation experience.


The handheld designed and five tips/heads attachments allow you to reach every muscle, trigger point, back, neck, feet, legs, hips, arms. Bring relief to scar tissue knots, and you can achieve it with the PLENO.


 Lifetime Warranty on Tips.

The PLENO electric Massage gun is portable, cordless powerful percussion therapy. The future of muscle therapy is here!


Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun


✔ New-Generation Noise Reduction Technology

24V brushless DC motor and double bearing transmission bring a high power and low noise experience.

✔ Nine Gears of Speed Shifting

Nine-speed shifting design meets a variety of massage needs.

✔ 3 Hrs Battery Life+2 Hrs Battery Charge Time

24V 2000mAh Power Li-ion Battery, 3 hrs of continuous use in the highest gear.

Independent power manage system: Intelligent charging and discharging to extend battery life.

Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun

✔ Five Massage Heads

Pleno M5.0 offers five customized soft massage heads, provides a relaxing massage experience, and reduces bone damage.

Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun

✔ Food Grade Silicone Protective Cover

Massage gun grip and power cabin are covered with silicone cover, which brings delicate and smooth gripping touch, and prevents slips and falls from hand.

Pleno M5.0 Massage Gun

✔ One Year Free Replacement Warranty

We offer a one-year free replacement service due to malfunctions caused by quality problems.


This device is designed for muscle relaxation. Choose different frequencies according to personal preference.

Touch the body before opening. Use light pressure and slow movement. The recommended speed is one inch/second.

✔ Speed Memory: Shut down in a comfortable gear. The machine will automatically turn on the specific speed next time it opens.


Packing list:

One set of massager

✔ 24V Adaptor

Five massager tips and one tips bag

Instruction manual

One handbag

Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
Instant Pain Relief

I have suffered from sciatica across the shoulders and neck for over three years. The Pleno Massager delivers instant pain relief, faster than massage, therapy or meds. I couldn’t be happier!

Amazing Massager

This is by far the best massager I have ever owned. It arrived well packaged with its own carry case that fits everything perfectly. It's the most powerful massager I have owned and the battery lasts a very long time. the battery charges really quick as well. One of the best options is that it has 9 speeds, which is extremely rare. The rubber grip on the handle is awesome since it doesn't slip out of your hand and it's not so heavy that you get tired of holding it but it's obvious that it is very well made and durable. It also came with 5 different attachments to use on different muscle groups. I would absolutely recommend this massager.


I had been considering an intense trigger point type massager for a while now and wondered if it was truly worth the investment. I have degenerative discs in my neck and back- I am diligent about weekly massages and chiropractic adjustments as needed but nothing has been able to relieve the pulling and tension in my shoulders/neck. I decided on the Pleno massager after doing lengthy research and comparing many different models and it has absolutely improved my quality of life and has loosened areas that no other therapies have been able to. The reviews that sold me said it had a quieter and more powerful motor than most- and while I can't compare it myself I can say that the motor noise is minimal, the battery life is fantastic, and the strength is so much more powerful than you would ever guess it could contain. We've let all of our friends and even our chiropractor use it and they've all loved it and wanted one for themselves. We use this everywhere- quads, glutes, low back, IT bands, neck, shoulders-- it's amazing! It is definitely possible to do to yourself but even better if you have someone you can trade off with. My fiance' and I have gotten in a routine where we do this a few minutes each night for each other and it has tremendously helped with both of our chronic pain issues. 100% worth every penny we spent. We even pack it when we travel now.

Works great very powerful.

Worked great on my sciatic nerve pain and helped it tremendously.

balanced for hand held, controllable in hard to get to places above shoulder blades

can work out and use immediately

Worth every penny to feel better!

I saw this product on a lightening deal one morning. I had purchased a massage Matt and a Zyllion Shiatsu back/neck massager a couple weeks earlier. The Pleno massage gun is the best, it really deep massages your muscles and feels like you just received a professional massage. It comes with 5 attachments and it holds a charge for a verylong time. My husband and I both love it and it truly helps us so much with our aches and pains. Great product.

Great massage gun!!!

I'm an Olympic weightlifter and I use this gun daily to free up hard to reach muscle tension. The multiple power settings, and interchangable heads are perfect for my needs and I honestly wonder how I've managed to compete this long without this massage gun.

Life Changer

I have been practicing SMFR religiously over the years. Go in for regular massages and have never been able to truly loosen up this scar tissue and knots. With my education in sports medicine I went to work with this gun and over the last 5 weeks I have been able to make some serious progress. My foot has grown a full size from relieving my calves and feet. My back pain has disappeared after destroying my calf muscles along with my hip pain. If you can take the pain you can make some serious improvements to your life with this device. Educate yourself on the practice of SMFR and get back to feeling awesome!

One word: AWESOME

Awesome product. Quiet. Feels well built. Used it twice daily now for almost a month to get the trigger points out of my tight calf muscles, and now my plantar fasciitis is almost gone....went on my first jog in two years.This is great on all muscle groups and no human massage can replicate.Recommended by my physical therapist.It’s a bit pricey but more than worth it.Hey, a lot of people spend this on only one or two months of cable TV, which is mostly junk these days!


Purchased a different one when it arrived it was so loud felt good but it was way too loud caused my dogs to run out of the Room returned it and decided to give this onea shotOMGGreat quality amazingly quietthe massage and the release of the muscles are so much better than the previous machine very much compatible to the 1 that my massage therapist uses would recommend this to anybodyThe only problem I find is thedigital numbers on the handle sometimes are not clear at what level it is at but you really don't need those You just push the button tell you find the right speed for yourself Other than that this machine is perfect will give you years of relief I'm using it every single day My friends are constantly begging me to let them borrow itItwill not leave my possession